ABOUT / My Art

My paintings are life itself, the ghosts of life lived, memories, always with movement, and flow. My art is a pouring out of the rawness of life the unpredictability, the tearing away, the coming back to a certain memory or feeling. Loss then repair.  Living in bits and pieces. Scraps of memory, stitched back together . . .

Every paint splash, every item, every tear, each scrap has a shadow from the past, a life of its own. Here, then gone. Papers, images, threads, fabrics, texture. Images that trigger and scorch the soul, the heart, the brain. Ghosts of images, colors, feelings, scratching through. Perhaps?.. Creating a form of peace on the canvas, out of this chaos that is called life?

Resilience. Survival. Love. Hidden, slightly showing through, then hiding again from memory. My paintings are my children, my creations. Created out of love, desire, need. I talk to them.


I look deep into ‘their’ souls. My heart, my honesty runs over my creations, my paintings just as a mother having given birth. No different. I run my hand, over their faces, they are part of me, the deepest feelings the strongest emotions.   Yes, I have begun my paintings not as a young art student. Earlier in life, when my art ran in the more ‘ traditional manner, yes, I was painting and drawing, but, not using the canvas as my voice. In mixed-media, I found my vehicle of artistic expression.