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Light and Shadow

FRONT PAGE IMAGE: from GHOST Series, Ashes of Rose

Mixed Media, on CANVAS; 54 inches x 24 inches 

My mixed-media paintings are memories, flashes back to my childhood, experiences, life.

Images, abstracts from my childhood, with one click shoot me back into a feeling, an event, a searching. 
Having spent a long career in an image driven world, as a graphic designer. Images, old ads, yellowed newspaper,
would play a large role in my art.

GHOSTS is a body of work that was created within a very short period of time. GHOSTS was my first real entry into mixed-media.
The most personal piece, ++Entitled: ASHES of ROSE.

I saw so much of my mother in it. Beauty, sweeping into darkness, then rising, into light, movement.

GHOST Series:   ASHES of ROSE.  

One OF three large vertical canvases,

52 inches height x 24 inches.


ALL IMAGES © Rosemarie Jacobsohn                   

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